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Dragons Tennis Captures Conference Title

Tennis update from Head Coach Kristin Unverzagt!

The Dragons clinched the Granite Ridge Conference championship title tonight with a 6-1 win over Aitkin! The girls played well and it was great to have our varsity and JV team together to cheer and play today. It was a good night for the Dragons. We battled hard at our doubles positions with a strong sweep. Our singles players utilized their strengths and came up strong to finish as well.

We are so proud of the team and look forward to working with them as we move into the final week of our regular season.

We will host Elk River on Friday and head to Foley for the conference doubles tournament on Saturday.


No. 1 - Breanna Hines, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL def. Addison Sell, PINE CITY SECONDARY, 6-4 , 6-4 , -;

No. 2 - Allison Unverzagt, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Macy Paulbeck, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-3 , -;

No. 3 - Brooke Boland, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Madi Lehrer, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-2 , 6-0 , -;

No. 4 - Lily Struss, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Grace Hanson, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-0 , 6-0 , -;


No. 1 - Sophia Lahti, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Ella Sell, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Samantha Much, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Charlee Genz, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-0 , 6-0 , -;

No. 2 - Claire Emmons, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Malia Mikyska, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Kennedy Jorgensen, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Peyton Perrine, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-0 , -;

No. 3 - Brenna Youngbauer, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Lena Roubinek, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Vera Eisenbraun, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Maelie Kazmerzak, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-0 , 6-0

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