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Former Burnett County Assistant District Attorney Steffan Sentenced

Daniel Steffan, the former Assistant District Attorney for Burnett County, was sentenced to over a year in prison this week after he filmed himself engaging in sexual activities with women in his home.

Steffan was convicted of three counts of representations depicting nudity earlier this year. He was accused of filming himself engaging in sexual activity with two separate victims in 2018; one victim was facing charges from the Burnett County District Attorney’s Office at the time of the recording.

“As he should, the defendant will be serving time behind bars for the crimes he’s been convicted of,” said Attorney General Josh Kaul in a release. “Thank you to the team of criminal justice professionals who ensured that justice has been served in this case.”

Steffan was sentenced to one and a half years of initial confinement, followed by two years of extended supervision and four years of probation consecutive to the prison sentence.

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