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GoFundMe Set up for Driver Injured During Pine County Derby

A gofundme has been started for a driver who was injured during the Pine County Derby on Friday night.

Jeremiah Mohr was driving in the Big Truck's heat when his vehicle caught fire.

According to a social media post by Mohr, a high-pressure fuel line was cut during the event, which sprayed methanol under his fire-resistant top burning his stomach and legs. The fire caused second-degree burns to 30% of his body.

Mohr was flown to Regions Hospital for treatment. He is later allowed to go home on Saturday under a strict care plan.

A gofundme has been set up for Mohr and his family while he stays home to recover over the next three weeks. The goal is to raise $10,000.

"I have to remind myself that I need to be thankful that laying around for a couple weeks is all I have to worry about and that it could be so much worse. I am looking forward to healing up and seeing what the future holds," Mohr said on social media. "Thank you so much to the wonderful sponsors that helped me this year, I apologize I wasn’t able to wreck the vehicles and put on as much of a show as I wanted to. The love and support has me in great spirits, thank you everyone for the love!"

Photo taken from the gofundme page.

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