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Gov. Walz Signs Agriculture and Broadband Bill into Law on Finlayson Farm

Governor Tim Walz along with state legislators and farmers stopped by Medicine Creek Farm in Finlayson Thursday morning to sign the Omnibus Agriculture, Broadband, and Rural Development bill into law.

The bill, which passed the State Legislature last week, was authored by Sen. Aric Putnam and Rep. Samantha Vang. It looks to fund initiatives for soil health, meat processing incentives, assisting emerging farmers, and rural infrastructure. During a statement Thursday, Walz praised the bill for keeping Minnesota an agricultural leader.

"The idea that agriculture is the foundation of Minnesota's economy. It was in the beginning and it still is today," Walz said.

Gov. Walz speaking during the press conference. Photo by Joe Keyport

Hannah Burnhard said she is excited about what this bill means for young farmers.

"It's really going to make life better for families like ours and for other beginning and emerging farmers who don't necessarily fit the traditional mold of what we think a farmer looks like."

Hannah Burnhard addressing the crowd. Photo by Joe Keyport.

State Representative Nathan Nelson told WCMP that the investment in new farmers and rural infrastructure will be huge for places like Pine County.

"We are on a farm that started as a hayfield for another farm. It's the prime example of who is becoming farmers. The bill is not only offering assistance. Its assists in how to put together a business plan. Things like that that are so crucial," Nelson told WCMP. "Looking at the rural development with broadband, there is a significant investment there. For the listeners in the area, they know that broadband is greatly needed and is something that'll be helping our area."

Photo 1: Ag. Commissioner Thom Petersen

Photo 2: Walz putting a lamb

Photo 3: Rep. Samantha Vang

Photo 4: Sen. Aric Putnam

Photo 5: Walz signing the bill

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