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GPAE Offers Emergency Funding to Pine Area Non-Profits

From the Greater Pine Area Endowment:

"The Greater Pine Area Endowment Advisory Board has pledged the use of its 2020 funding resources in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Funds will be used to assist organizations in the Greater Pine Area service area, designated by the Pine City School District ISD 578 boundaries.

Proceeds will be used to makes grants to nonprofits and local units of government to assist disproportionately affected communities; to address the economic impacts of reduced and lost work resulting from the outbreak; to meet immediate needs of economically vulnerable populations caused by coronavirus-related closures, and to respond to increased demands placed on our stressed social support systems. Over the long-term, the fund can support recovery needs that will inevitably arise. Gifts to this fund can support services that: - Help those whose jobs are affected or will be affected in the near future.  - Help those who face food scarcity.  - Help those whose household utilities or housing may be affected and more.  The Greater Pine Area Endowment is a Partner Fund of the Initiative Foundation. It is led by an advisory board of local volunteers who have made a commitment to strengthen our communities.

Created in 1992, our vision is to promote a sense of community pride and success, to improve the quality of life in our community, and to be a proactive partner in leading economic development, including quality job creation and high tech employment."

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