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Grand Casino Incident Leads to Deadly Police Shooting

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is currently investigating an incident that occurred on I-35 in Pine County on Friday.

According to the report deputies were in route to Grand Casino to respond to a reported domestic incident around 1:45 p.m. when they spotted the suspect's vehicle and began to chase after it.

The suspect was driving south in the northbound lanes. In the encounter that followed, one of the deputies fired a weapon, striking the suspect. The suspect’s vehicle rolled forward, crashed into an oncoming vehicle then came to a stop in the median.

Deputies proceed to provide medical care on the suspect, but the medics pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

The BCA will review footage from body cameras and squad cameras. Once the BCA's investigation is completed, the Pine County Attorney's Office will review the findings to make a charging decision.

The driver of the other vehicle in the crash was not seriously injured. No officers were injured. The victim in the original reported domestic incident also was not harmed.

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