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Grantsburg Referendum Passes

Voters in the Grantsburg School District have approved a $19.7 million referendum during Tuesday's spring election.

Unofficial results have the referendum passing 703 to 558.

This follows an unsuccessful attempt in 2021 that failed by just 66 votes. Grantsburg Superintendent Joshua Watt attributes the success of this vote to the outreach done by the district.

"There were many involved in helping connect with our citizens," Watt told WCMP. "It was really a team effort to properly inform, educate, and engage our citizens."

With this referendum passing, the district says that they will decommission the Nelson Primary School and expand the existing elementary school to accommodate the new students. The district will also update classrooms in the middle and high schools, and they will also repair building systems and create a safer traffic flow around each of the schools.

Watt says he is grateful to the community for their efforts, and he looks forward to moving into the planning process for the district.

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