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Hinckley Council Approves Chicken Ordinance

The Hinckley City council approved an ordinance during their meeting last week allowing residents to own chickens within city limits.

The ordinance was originally brought before the council for discussion in June, with City Administrator Kyle Morell saying chickens are one of the most asked about topics by residents.

This change will now allow residents to own up to six chickens on properties with single-family dwellings. Roosters and any poultry besides chickens are prohibited.

Residents who want to own chickens must apply through the city by submitting a fee and sight plan to be reviewed by staff. This includes a fully enclosed chicken coop and run.

Originally, the application would have included written permission from neighbors, but the council struck that measure from the ordinance before the final vote.

The ordinance was approved unanimously by the Hinckley City Council.

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