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Hinckley man pleads guilty to child endangerment after death of 3-year-old boy

A Hinckley man has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of child endangerment by firearm access in the death of a three-year-old who died from a gunshot wound in August.

According to the criminal complaint, Pine County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a property in Hinckley on Aug. 8 with the report of a child who had shot himself in the head and was not breathing. 

The boy was later declared dead.

The child’s father, Roy Pauza Moore, told investigators that he was playing video games downstairs while his 3-year-old was watching a show on his phone in a bedroom. 

Pauza-Moore stated that he heard a thump and a gunshot before finding the child with a head wound. He told deputies he kept a handgun loaded in an unsecure area of a safe. 

As part of the guilty plea entered on April 16, two second-degree manslaughter charges and a gross misdemeanor count of negligent storage of firearms were dismissed.

Pauza-Moore’s sentencing will be held on June 17, with a cap of 150 days in jail.

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