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Jeffrey the Snowman Returns to Milltown, WI

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

A frosty character has returned to Milltown, Wisconsin, this year to raise funds for the Milltown Community Club.

Carlson Construction began building the snowman in 2019 as part of a local chamber of commerce event.

"We were in a competition with the other Milltown businesses for a Christmas decorating contest, so we built a 19-foot tall snowman. We won a trophy that year," Craig Carlson told WCMP.

It was not until 2021 that Jeffrey the Snowman was given his name.

Since 2019, Jeffrey has only grown in size. He currently stands at a mighty 58 feet. He sports a corncob pipe, a top hat, and a 75-foot-long scarf.

Despite his stature, Jeffrey is not the tallest on record. That honor goes to the 122-foot-tall snowman named Olympia. Carlson says they do not plan on building him any taller than 58 feet because of the effort it takes to build Jeffrey.

Carlson Construction is raising money for the Milltown Community Club with the help of Jeffrey.

Donations can be made through a Venmo link on the official Jeffrey the Snowman Facebook Page, a donation box is also located next to him at 215 Elder Street in Milltown, or checks can be mailed to Carlson Construction.

You can listen to the full interview with Craig Carlson below.

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