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Kayakers Rescued from St. Croix River in Pine County

From the Pine County Sheriff's Office:

On 08/21/2022 at 9:03 PM the Pine County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a call of kayakers that were stranded on an island on the St Croix River. It was dark and the kayakers said that they were not experienced enough to continue and asked for assistance. Pine County deputies responded to the area. A request for assistance was also made to the Minnesota State Patrol Aviation Division, and the Burnett County WI Sheriff’s Office. The State Patrol responded with a helicopter and the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to their shoreline.

It was quickly determined that motorized watercraft were not an option because of the low water level and darkness.

Deputies walked through the woods on both the Minnesota and Wisconsin shore, trying to get to the island where the kayakers were.

The Minnesota State Patrol helicopter made it to the river and was able to locate the individuals on the Minnesota shore. The pilot was able to direct the deputies to the location. Two of the individuals were able to paddle to the Wisconsin shore and two walked back out with the Pine County deputies.

There were no injuries, and the individuals were reunited with their group at about 0130AM.

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