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MN DNR Temporarily Ban Moving Farm Deer

The Department of Natural Resources has put a temporary ban on moving farmed deer in Minnesota.

DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen says the ban is an emergency response to protect the state’s wild deer population following a chronic wasting disease outbreak in Beltrami County. that has resulted in 9 herds being quarantined, including herds in Kanabec and Mille Lacs Counties.

“This is a serious disease that poses a growing threat to Minnesota’s wild deer, and our actions must reflect that,” said Strommen. “The DNR is committed to proactively addressing CWD and doing everything we can to protect Minnesota’s white-tailed deer as part of our natural heritage. The CWD detections at the Beltrami County farm, its connections to other farms in the state, and the additional contamination outside of the farm pose a risk to wild deer that requires emergency action.”

The DNR says no deer were moved from the Beltrami herd, but three herds were identified as providing deer to the herd in Beltrami county.

The temporary ban went into place on June 1 and will last until July 31.

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