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Name Released of Man Shot and Killed by Pine Co. Deputy

The Midwest Medical Examiners Office has released the name of the 25-year-old Oak Park Heights man who was shot and killed by a Pine County Sheriff's Deputy last Friday.

The shooting happened on I-35 near the Mora exit after law enforcement was called following a domestic dispute at the Hinckley Grand Casino. On route to the scene, deputies spotted the vehicle of Anthony Michael Legato, who was headed south on the northbound lane of the interstate, before he pulled over and exited the vehicle.

According to an updated press release from the Minnesota Burea of Criminal Apprehension, Pine County Deputy Joshua Pepin pulled over south of Legato's vehicle on the interstate and exited his squad as Legato reentered his vehicle and pulled into oncoming traffic. At one point during that encounter, the BCA says Deputy Pepin fired his weapon.

The shooting remains under investigation by the BCA. Once it is complete, they will hand it over to the Pine County Attorney's Office for review.

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