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Pine City Ambassador Candidates Ready for End of Summer Coronation

From the Pine City Chamber of Commerce:

"After canceling the 2020 program year due to COVID-19, the Pine City Ambassador Program is excited to be back in action for the 2021 summer and preparing to crown four new ambassadors to represent the Pine City Community this year.

“The program lost some key volunteers for activity week planning for the candidates. It took some time to rebuild with new volunteers, but we are excited to welcome 17 new candidates for 2021,” said Becky Schueller, Executive Director for the Pine City Area Chamber of Commerce. The Ambassador Program operates as an independent committee under the support of the Pine City Area Chamber Foundation. This year the program welcomes Jaci Miller, Katie Koppy, Anna Reiser, and Jana Harshman as the program organizers. Additional volunteers that will support the events include Felicia Madsen, Brietta Clementson, Cami Babolik, Hailey Ballis, Jordan Petranek, Missy Milliman, Beth Erickson, and Megan Stransky.

For the candidates, the schedule will look different than it has in previous years. Instead of one week of activities, the committee has created a variety of activities for the candidates to take part in over the next four weeks. Some of the past favorite events that will return include a day spent at the Rural School Museum, and the etiquette luncheon. Due to the late start of the candidate experience, new activities are also included this year including candidate introductions at the Pine County Fair (happening on Tuesday, August 3rd) and participation as candidates in the Pine County Parade and parade day reception.

The month-long candidate experience will culminate in the Ambassador Coronation event on Sunday, August 22nd at 6:00 PM. The coronation will be held at the Pine City High School Auditorium and community members are invited to attend the event and celebrate with the new ambassadors. Tickets for the event are $5 each and available in advance from the Homes Preferred Realty office beginning August 9th or at the door.

Meet the Senior Ambassador Candidates:

  • Anika Hancock, daughter of Alan and Stacy Hancock

  • Christina Joyner, daughter of Chrissey Nelson and Stan Joyner

  • Meaghan Macho, daughter of Shaune and Mary Macho

  • Brynna Reiser, daughter of Jim and Anna Reiser

Meet the Junior Ambassador Candidates:

  • Evelyn Anderson, daughter of Luke & Nikki Anderson

  • Ella Harshman, daughter of Michael & Jana Harshman

  • Eva Harshman, daughter of Michael & Jana Harshman

  • Aubree Kraft, daughter of Terry & Liz Kraft

  • Addisen McConnell, daughter of Matt & Danielle McConnell

  • Charlotte Mishler, daughter of Joe & Mandie Mishler

  • Lorelei Mishler, daughter of Joe & Mandie Mishler

  • Alivia Nowling, daughter of Christian & Michele Nowling

  • Beatrice Palmblade, daughter of Joe & Becci Palmblade

  • Mercedez Petranek, daughter of Michael & Jordan Petranek

  • Allie Rauschnot, daughter of Kenny & Dana Rauschnot

  • Eavie Rydberg, daughter of Adam & Danielle Rydberg

  • Bristol Schumacher, daughter of Chad & Sara Schumacher

Questions regarding the Pine City Ambassador Program can be directed to our email at or private messages on Facebook or Instagram."

Back Row: Meaghan Macho, Brynna Reiser, Anika Hancock, Christina Joyner (L-R)

Front Row: Alivia Nowling, Eva Harshman, Addisen McConnell, Lorelei Mishler, Mercedez Petranek, Bristol Schumacher, Beatrice Palmblade, Eavie Rydberg, Charlotte Mishler, Ella Harshman, Evelyn Anderson, Allie Rauschnot (L-R) Not pictured: Aubree Kraft

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