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Pine City Contracts with Small Small Business Community for Lifetime Business Coaching

From the City of Pine City:

During its meeting on October 29, the City Council of Pine City approved a plan that extends its support of small business by providing free lifetime membership in the Small Small Business (SSB) Community to every small business owner in Pine City. This program extends the benefits already being provided and applies it to current and future Pine City business owners and comes without any other requirements.

The lifetime SSB Learn & Connect Membership retails for $500 per business. However, as the SSB continues to do everything it can to support small businesses during COVID, the City of Pine City was presented with the offer to spend only $500 of one-time funding to provide this benefit for current and future businesses.

As a member of SSB, business owners are able to connect with other owners, coaches, and

experts from around the world to ask questions, get resources, and make connections that can improve their top and bottom line. SSB is led by Steve Fredlund, a lifelong resident of east-central Minnesota. Although headquartered locally, SSB is a global network with coaches and clients spread over six countries on three continents.

“This program allows the SSB Community to invest in more businesses and nonprofits than we could possibly reach through private coaching.” Fredlund shared in a statement, “We have formed a great partnership with the City of Pine City through Lezlie Sauter, and the broader business community through Becky Schueller and the Pine City Area Chamber of Commerce. Further, we believe nonprofits are another category of small business, as those making the greatest impact are those that are generally applying strong business acumen. Therefore, nonprofits are eligible for this program.”

Businesses and nonprofits in Pine City who wish to claim their free membership should start by emailing with their name, business name, type of business, email, and street address.

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