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Pine City Council votes to appoint Bombard as mayor

The Pine City Council voted to appoint Kent Bombard as mayor at Thursday's meeting.

On June 5, council member Dave Hill first made the motion tapping Bombard to fill the mayoral vacancy.

Hill’s motion failed 2 to 2, with Kyle Palmer also voting yes, and Gina Pettie and Mary Kay Sloan voting no.

On Thursday, the vote for the renewed motion passed 2-1. Sloan voted no, and Pettie was not in attendance.

Pettie has served in the capacity of acting mayor since Carl Pederson resigned from the post in February.

Bombard ran against Pederson in 2022 and lost by 37 votes.

Palmer said Bombard, who was not in attendance on Thursday, is expected to be sworn in at the council's next regular meeting on July 18.

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Jul 10

So the only reason he was appointed was because someone wasn't there?

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