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Pine City Council votes to fix boiler at historic courthouse

The Pine City Council unanimously voted to fix the boiler at the historic courthouse on Main Street during Tuesday’s meeting.

According to city administrator Scott Hildebrand, an inspection for the boiler system at 315 Main Street is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Hildebrand said the cost for a band-aid fix would be about $15,000.

"We have a little bit of a rush," Hildebrand explained. "I received a bid following the last council meeting from an individual who will bring in the properly certified welder to weld on the back, as well as the pipe. The cost on that, as well as several pipes around the building, is going to be around $15,000."

During discussion, council member Steve Ovick expressed concerns about the building’s condition deteriorating if left unheated over the winter.

Mayor Carl Pederson said the goal is a short-term fix to avoid having to evict tenants.

"It's not going to be a permanent fix," Pederson said. "Gordy [Nordby] thought it might be able to work for a couple more winters. We're not going to do this for two more winters. We're going to get it operational so we don't have to displace people."

The council stipulated that expenses to fix the boiler are not to exceed $50,000.

The motion passed unanimously. In a statement after the vote, council member Kyle Palmer said a decision on the boiler should never have become an emergency.

Photo from a previous Pine City Council meeting.

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