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Pine City Dedicates Park to LeRoy Samuelson

Dozens gathered in Pine City on a warm Monday evening to celebrate the life of LeRoy Samuelson through a dedication of the city softball fields.

LeRoy passed away in 2019, but his lasting influence on Pine City Sports led the city to honor him and his family.

The dedication was an emotional moment for the family as it happened to fall on LeRoy’s birthday, May 25. Councilmember Mary Kay Sloan thanked his children, who still remain prominent members of the community.

"I'd like to take just a second to honor you four," said Sloan. "You are carrying on your parents legacy, and it is an important contribution to the City of Pine City"

The LeRoy Samuelson Memorial Park is located at Hurley Ave SE, right next to the Pine City High school.

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