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Pine City High School Moves to Distance Learning

After just two weeks of in-person classes, the Pine City High School will be going back to distance learning until April.

According to an announcement from the district, the switch is due to an outbreak the high school is currently experiencing.

"We have about 90 kids in quarantine with 9 student active cases. That makes about 100 that are in isolation or quarantine," Principal Troy Anderson said. "I have a bunch of athletes distance learning. My guess is that number is about 50. That means with 100 kids who were already distance learners, I have about 250 kids in distance learning out of 730 or so. About 1/3 of our learners are in distance learning for the short term.”

Pine County Public Health voiced concerns over an inability to connect points between the confirmed cases. They believe it could be a student or students who is attending classes when they are not feeling well or are asymptomatic.

In a letter to parents, Pine City Superintendent Dr. Curt Tryggestad said, "In the past, we have been able to identify and isolate those affected using contact tracing. This time there are not common threads other than those affected are Pine City students."

The high school will in distance learning from Wednesday, March 17 until Friday, March 26. Springbreak will still happen from March 29 through April 2, and students will return to in-person classes on April 6.

Winter activities for the high school will continue as planned. This change does not affect the elementary, early childhood education, ALC, or Vision Program's learning models.

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