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Pine City High School Theater Opens Production of Clue this Weekend

The Pine City High School Theater is putting on a classic a whodunit this weekend with a production of Clue: On Stage.

The production features the classic characters from the board game who race to solve a murder in Boddy Manor.

Everyone is a suspect, which makes it fun for cast member Vivian Cavallin, who plays Mrs. White.

"My character is rumored to have murdered her five previous husbands, but nobody really knows if that is true or not. I've really liked playing into the morbid undertones of she could really be a murderer... you don't really know if she's harmful or just a sweet little old lady."

Senior Ben Michaels, who plays Colonel Mustard, says attendees should expect a little bit of everything from the production.

"It's a lot of comedy, it's a lot of suspense, and it is very fast-paced," Michaels told WCMP.

Ben Michaels (Colonel Mustard) and Vivian Cavallin (Mrs. White) rehearsing on April 13.

The show features an ensemble cast of 15 students including Chase Holmstrom, Ben Michels, Sydney Wilberg, Aussion Ruud, Hailey Wilberg, Lisa Tomczyk, Vivian Cavallin, Daisy Huff, Claire Brackenbury, Brooklyn Shellito, Ellie Novak, Kassedy Wagner, Evelyn Ames, Hayden McLain, and Landon Wodash.

Tickets are on sale now. They can be purchased at the High School Reception Desk or the Pine City Chamber of Commerce Office. Adult tickets can be purchased for $8, with K-12 student tickets costing $5.

Clue will run this Friday and Saturday starting at 7 p.m. and on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Front Row (left to right): Hailey Wilberg, Sydney Wilberg, Vivian Cavallin, Hailey Wilberg, Lisa Tomczyk.

Back Row (left to right): Ben Michels, Aussion Ruud

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