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Pine City Looking for Input on Robinson Park

Press Release:

The City of Pine City is looking at plans to improve downtown’s Robinson Park, and is seeking input from residents on what to change and when to do it.

“We love Robinson Park,” said Pine City Parks and Public Buildings Manager Angela Cummings. “Our goal is to improve what we have, so that the community can keep enjoying it for years to come.”

Some of those improvements involve adding a permanent restroom in the park’s southeast corner, paving the seating area and adding sidewalks through and around the park. Other possible changes include additional park lighting and bumpouts to make the area more pedestrian-friendly.

All improvements would be done in phases, and residents can comment on which of the changes they’d like to see first.

“All these possible improvements are under review right now,” Cummings said. “We really look forward to hearing from you about what you feel would be important additions to Robinson Park.”

Members of the public are invited to view the proposed changes to the park on a website ( and fill out a short survey. A paper version of the survey is available at the new temporary City Hall (1015 Hillside Avenue, Suite 2). For more information email or call 320-629-2575.

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