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Pine City Removes Term Limits for Commissions and Committees

In an effort to keep its committees and commissions staffed, the City of Pine City has amended a policy removing term limits.

The decision was made during its January 6 meeting, where the council struck the sentence, "No commission or committee member shall typically be appointed to more than two consecutive terms," from the Commissions & Committees Appointment and Procedures Policy.

While members of the city council wished to leave the limits in place, they understood that they needed people to serve.

"We'd love to see term limits," said Councilmember Steve Ovick. "But we're not getting people to come in here, and we can't really hamstring the HRA or EDA because they are essential to the city. For now, we'll move forward."

The council approved the change in a vote of 4 to 1, with Gina Pettie voting no.

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