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Pine City School Board plans May bond referendum

The Pine City School Board plans to move forward with a bond referendum in May.

According to board chair James Foster, the planned May referendum will be for an amount not to exceed $42,950,000.

In an email, Foster said a single ballot question would include the entire elementary school plan, ALC plan, long-term facility maintenance, and special education relocation at the high school from the February bond referendum.

It would also include safe and secure entries at both the high school and elementary school.

The planned May referendum does not have the gym or locker room additions that were part of Question Three in February.

Foster added that the current May referendum plan takes the $49,300,000 total ask for three questions of the February vote down to $42,950,000 for one question.

The board has met twice in the past week to discuss next steps for the district.

All three questions failed to pass in the district's February referendum. The first ballot question, concerning projects at the elementary school and ALC, as well as long-term high school maintenance, failed by 20 votes, with 801 voting yes and 821 voting no.

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