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Pine City School Board Selects Billy Head to Fill Vacant Seat

The Pine City School board has selected Billy Head to fill the vacant school board seat during their meeting Monday night.

Head was one of five candidates that applied for the position. The other applicants included Cami Babolik, Scott Milliman, Curt Kubesh, and Danielle Davis.

He was nominated by Dr. Candice Ames who wants someone with a "rich multicultural background."

"Mr. Head has many years working in Ethiopia along with his wife," Ames told the board. "Also, he has experience working on various boards, unions, and negotiating with government agencies."

In his application, Head said, " Schools and teaching have been in my family for years. My mother was a teacher and administrative assistant. I have had educational training and my sister was a teacher. I have multiple cousins, daughters, son-in law, etc. that are also teachers. Teaching and the school system is in our blood."

Head also listed finding a superintendent, rebuilding board trust, and ensuring Pine City School's future as his three goals as a board member:

1 - My immediate goal is to find a superintendent that accurately fulfills the unique needs, interests, and goals of the Pine City Public School (PCPS) stakeholders. This will be evidenced by the individual having good relations with all concerned (parents, community, staff, teachers, & school board) and working towards the collective goals of our district such that they stay in the superintendent position for multiple terms.

2 - I would like to join the efforts of the current board to rebuild trust and continue the healing process that has begun to take place. Working in such a way that we can foster openness, communication, and long-term trust forming a solid relationship between the school board and parents, community, staff, teachers, students, etc. to ensure that the Pine City children receive the best education possible.

3 - My goal is that the unique characteristics of the PCPS, that drew many people to this area, continue to be a high priority. This includes what is in our curriculum and how it is selected, a wide variety of extracurricular activities that continue to bring pride and loyalty to our community, how events locally and in other parts of the country affect how our kids learn, and ensuring that when there are problems or things that need to be addressed that they are addressed to the satisfaction of our community. We live in an area with unique needs and desires. I would like to help ensure that the goals of the PCPS stakeholders are honored and the desires of the parents and students are met in such a way that PCPS becomes a school of choice for parents and they are proud to enroll their students in our public school system.

Head was approved by the board in a vote of 4-2 with Becci Palmblade and Lezlie Sauter voting against the appointment.

Head was the first nominee made during the special meeting. Since he received a majority vote, the other applicants were not voted on by the board.

He will serve as a board member until January of 2023. Head's first meeting as a school board member will be on Monday, May 16.

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