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Pine City School District Hires LHB as Architecture Firm

The Pine City School Board hired LHB as its architecture firm during a special meeting last month.

This was all a part of the process of addressing issues at the elementary school; it follows the district hiring RA Morton as its construction management company earlier this month.

During the special meeting on January 23, the board reviewed proposals from several firms.

It was during that discussion that Chair James Foster noted LHB’s focus on remodeling the existing building.

"They really pushed the fact that you get a much better return on investment with good quality well thought out remodel than you ever do with tear down and rebuild," Foster said. "Anything that is potentially saveable in a cost-effective way needs to be saved."

It took several rounds of voting as the board agonized over the right firm for the job.

LHB was ultimately chosen in a unanimous vote.

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