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Pine City School District Releases Statement Following Investigation and Closed Session

From the Pine City School District:

"On Monday, June 28, 2021, the Pine City school board met in closed session to review the results of investigations conducted by an independent third party investigator. The investigations found that there were incidents of student to student discrimination and harassment based on race, particularly on social media.

The school board denounced any form of hate and racism directed at students based on race. The school board acknowledged that it needed to improve its communication to students and parents regarding the actions it has taken in response to complaints.

After the meeting, School Board Chair, Wendy Leibel stated, “Our students and community deserve better than this. We want all people to feel welcome at our schools.”

The school district is developing a committee to discuss equity and diversity and is seeking staff members and community members to be a part of it. New Superintendent Paula Foley will be meeting individually with the parents and students to discuss the results of the investigations."

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