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Pine City State Trap Shoot Results

The Pine City trap team was out in Alexandria to compete in the trap shooting championships. They had a very good day in spectacular weather conditions, even shooting their first perfect round on the season.

Here are the results from the tournament:

"Shooters are placed in one of three divisions based on their season average—Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Novice. Each athlete shot 100 targets at the tournament. Every Pine City athlete exceeded their season average at the tournament."-George Johnson

Novice Male--79 total shooters

Ethan Doenz and Alex Johnson finished in first and second place –82 of 100

Trenten Welp-Huttner and Ryan Carl finished 8th—77 of 100

Novice Female—42 total shooter

Beth Keman finished 7th – 70

Ella Schultz and Hailey Houle finished 16th – 63

Junior Varsity Male—124 total shooter

Caden Fedder finished 5th – 92

Levi Dee and Ethan Doenz finished 19th – 87

Jarred Juhl and Troy Schmidt finished 30th -- 86

Junior Varsity Female—40 total shooters

Madisson LeMon finished 18th – 74

Perfect rounds—25 straight

Jacob Goodner

Caden Fedder

Team Totals

Novice—Pine City first place out of 10 teams

Junior Varsity—Pine City fourth place out of 11 teams

Congrats to Pine City's trap team on a great day!

You can find some of the photo's from the tournament below.

Photo Credit: Joe Keyport

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