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Pine County Approves Revised Corrections Pay Scale, and more news

The Pine County Board approved a revised pay scale for corrections officers and dispatchers during a meeting last month.

This comes as the county is looking to recruit new staff as well as reward existing corrections staff for their longevity.

Commissioner Josh Mohr says this change will make pine county more competitive when hiring. "We've done this once before. By getting rid of step one it better aligns us with the market," Mohr said.

The new pay scale eliminated the first step and re-numbered steps one through five. Corrections officers and dispatchers would then start at $24.11 an hour and increase from there.

Holding onto staff is also a focus of the measure.

"We're losing people because other places are laying out a lot more money," said Commissioner Matt Ludwig.

The revision also included a one-time retention bonus for working at the county for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years.

Improvements made to Hwy 95 train crossing in Cambridge

Improvements have been made in recent weeks to the train crossing on Highway 95 in Cambridge.

During a May 15 city council meeting, city administrator Evan Vogel said railroad company BNSF has replaced sections of potentially faulty underground wire, verified track bonding, and corrected loose battery connections for the signal.

Vogel said the improvements should help reduce both the number and length of crossings. Cambridge has received several reports of crossings exceeding five minutes this year.

According to an April email from Isanti County Sheriff Wayne Seiberlich, the malfunctioning railroad crossing arms are a problem Cambridge deals with on a regular basis.

The improvements are being monitored by the city, and Vogel plans to meet with BNSF early this month to see how well they’re working.

Pine City Hydrant Flushing

The City of Pine City says that public works crews have begun their spring fire hydrant flushing this week.

Residents may notice some discoloration in the water during this time. The city does not recommend running hot water until your cold water starts to run clear.

The City also recommends washing dark clothing before white clothing if you see crews in the neighborhood.

Hydrant flushing began on May 31. Crews are expected to finish the work on June 30.

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