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Pine County Board addresses Arna impassable road complaint

The Pine County Board took action about an impassable road complaint in Arna Township at Tuesday’s meeting.

A public hearing was held on March 19 regarding part of Roy Street in Arna. The complaint alleged that the road is blocked by two parked vehicles and piled brush.

The board passed a resolution directing the town board to clear the obstruction.

County administrator David Minke said that if the town board does not take action after thirty days, county staff will step in to bring the road to a passable condition.

"If the work is not completed by the town within thirty days, the Pine County Board of Commissioners directs the county to take action to bring the road to a passable condition," Minke said. "My understanding of that directive would be that if thirty days passes, we as staff would strategize for how to implement the direction of the county board and make sure that resources were appropriately lined up."

County auditor-treasurer Kelly Schroeder said the cost would be assessed to Arna’s levy for next year.

"If we do it, everyone pays for it in the township," she said.

The resolution passed unanimously.

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