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Pine County Fair Opens Today

Sometimes called the Greater Minnesota get-together, the Pine County Fair begins this today in Pine City.

New this year, the carnival has changed hands and is now called the Greater Midwest Shows.

Pine County Fair Board President Pete Leibel says attendees should expect some changes with ticketing now being handled online.

"At the businesses that support us, where you'd typically be able to purchase tickets, they now have QR codes, or you can go on our Facebook page or our website, [you can] scan those QR codes with your phone and then purchase the tickets right online," said Leibel.

Purchasers will then take their receipt to one of the kiosks at the Pine County Fair to receive a wrist band.

All the grandstand favorites will be going on this year with the truck pull on Wednesday, tractor pull on Thursday, and the demolition derby on Friday and Saturday. There will be a special invite only heat during the derby this year.

"We've had someone from the 'Belt Gang' driving in our derby for 50 plus years, so they reached out [to us] and they are doing a invite only [heat] for some of the old time drivers that haven't drove for a while," said Leibel. "There will be drivers that are probably well into their 70s driving on Friday night with their fresh cars, and hopefully, some of those have enough car left to come back on Saturday."

The Sunday Funday for kids has also been expanded this year. It starts at noon and runs to 3:00 p.m.

For a full list of events, tickets, and additional information, you can head to Pine County Fair website or check out the Pine County Fair Facebook page.

The Fair opens on Wednesday, August 2 and runs through Sunday, August 6.

Photo taken by Joe Keyport.

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