Pine County Reaffirms Support of Gun Rights

The Pine County Board has passed a resolution reaffirming its support of the Second Amendment during its April 6 meeting.

This has been a topic in the county for over a year, leading to petitions that garnering hundreds of signatures urging the board to make Pine County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

The push comes as President Joe Biden announces a series of actions in an attempt to curb gun violence, something that Pine County Commissioner Terry Lovgren feels a resolution of support does not go far enough.

"We [County Commissioners] did say that we would support the constitution; however, we got people in power that want to change what those things stood for in the past."

Lovgren wants the county to become a sanctuary. During the meeting, she read from a model resolution that would add the county would oppose any law that would hinder a citizen's right to bear arms.

Other commissioners echoed Lovgren's sentiments. Josh Mohr agreed that it would be worth discussing the resolution in a committee of the whole to further the idea; however, he expressed that the board needs to put pressure on its State and Federal representatives to stop any perceived violation of the Second Amendment.

Around 15 counties in Minnesota have passed similar resolutions.

The board approved the resolution of support unanimously intending to amend it as they continue to meet, hopefully in person.

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