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Pine County Sheriff's Offices Provides Update on Flooding


During its meeting on Tuesday, the Pine County Board declared a local emergency because of the severe flooding experienced throughout the county.

The resolution was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on April 18.

According to Denise Anderson with the Pine County Sheriff's Office, this is the third local emergency that Pine County had declared in the last 10 months.

Original Post:

The Pine County Sheriff's Office has released an update as the county continues to be impacted by high water levels and flooding.

Press Release:

As of today, the Snake River is at near crest and it is predicted to stay at this level for the next few days. This is good news and potentially bad news. If the level does not rise, then we know the impacted properties. The bad news is the potential for more rain and snow in the next couple of days. If we get significant precipitation, the crest could be raised or extended. Also, the high water is constantly wearing away on the soil and structures it is flowing over or around. If a culvert gives way, it will obviously affect everything down stream with a rise in water level.

We have a pile of filled sandbags at the south county highway shop and more sand and unfilled bags if people are in need. They will have to haul and place on their own.

We have had reports of boaters on the Snake River creating waves. I need to remind everyone that the Snake River system, including Pokegama and Cross Lake are under a NO WAKE restriction during the high-water period. The ordinance can be found on the county’s website.

The northern and mid-county river systems are trending down, and we do not expect them to rise. Again, significant precipitation can always change the flow.

As a reminder, please do not drive through flowing water, around barricades or create wakes in flooded waterways.

As always, contact our office if there are emergent needs.

Sheriff Nelson

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