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Quality Disposal to Temporarily Suspend Compost Pick Up in Braham

Quality Disposal Systems has announced that they pause its compost route service in Braham.

The lot where Braham’s compost site sits was recently purchased by East Central Energy to construct a 25,000-square-foot building. Due to the change in ownership, the city's compost site will close while other options are considered.

"It's an unfortunate situation when it comes to the compost site," Braham Mayor Nate George said in an interview last week. "It really should have never been moved there in the first place knowing that the intention was to sell that lot the whole time."

In a letter to customers, the garbage hauler said, "The City has always been wonderful in helping us figure out solutions and helping us continue to perform our routes... until we have a decision, we are pausing the service until May 1."

The Quality Disposal team says the pause will affect the cost of services. Rates will be adjusted to accommodate the services and time frame, according to their statement.

No changes will be made to April statements, but it will be a calculated difference for May billing.

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