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Rock Creek doesn't renew contract with Pine City Fire Department

Rock Creek has opted not to renew its contract with the Pine City Fire Department for 2024.

According to a public notice from Pine City fire chief Tom Miller, the Rock Creek City Council voted to use the Rush City Fire Department for fire protection for the entire city in December.

The change is effective as of Jan. 1, 2024.

Calls from Rock Creek accounted for about 14% of the Pine City Fire Department’s total calls over the last four years.

The statement says Rock Creek informed Pine City that the fire contract was too expensive.  It would cost more to have the department cover the north 54% of the city than going to Rush City for the same area.

Pine City officials are adjusting the fire department’s budget to reflect changes for the decreased revenue and expenditures. 

The city is also working to keep contracted fees to other municipalities served by the department at a zero increase from the proposed budget in the contract.

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