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Rush City Man Involved in Drive By Shooting Arrested in Duluth

A 26-year-old Rush City man is now in custody following a reported drive-by shooting that took place near Pine City earlier this summer.

According to the criminal complaint, Pine County Deputies met with two men on May 8 after their Chevrolet Suburban was been shot by a man driving a Saturn Ion on I35, near the southern Pine City exit.

The victims said they were driving on Hillside Ave SW in Pine City near the Holiday Gas Station when the suspect pulled out in front of them and slammed on their brakes. Both vehicles then continued south on I35.

While traveling on I35, the victims said that the suspect signaled them to pass him. As he began to pass in the left lane, the victim said the suspect aimed a revolver and shot at them.

A bullet was later taken from the Suburban's rear passenger door for evidence.

A photo lineup was put together by deputies and shown to the victims separately. The passenger was not able to identify any of the photographs; however, the driver picked Justis Harvey out of the six options. Harvey was also the registered owner of the Saturn.

Law enforcement also pulled surveillance camera footage from the Holiday. The footage showed Harvey's vehicle leaving and pulling out in front of a large SUV on Hillside Ave., which is consistent with the victim's timeline of events.

The report states that Pine County investigators sent Harvey's information to an investigator of the Duluth Special Investigations Unit and Lake Superior and Violent Crime Task Force, who was familiar with Harvey from previous contacts.

On Wednesday, August 31, Harvey was picked up by Duluth Police on drug charges.

In Pine County, he is charged with the drive-by shooting and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. He faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a $20,000 fine.

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