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Sandstone Wildcat Sanctuary Home to Tiger Cub

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone is the home of a new tiger cub that was seized in Arizona.

The cub, named Indy, was seized in January after law enforcement apprehended a man trying to sell her to undercover officers for $20,000

At the time, Indy was found living in a dog kennel placed in the suspect's closet.

Indy was temporarily being cared for at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale while the case was being resolved.

In a press release, founder of The Wildcat Sanctuary Tammy Thies said, “We’re so grateful for the care Southwest Wildlife gave Indy during the court case. She’s a healthy, happy tiger because of them.”

Indy is now five months old and weighs 85 pounds.

The Wildcat Sanctuary staff drove 3,400 miles round-trip to pick up Indy so she can live out her days among the 130 other big cats at the sanctuary. Once she is big enough, Indy will be introduced to the other tigers at the facility.

The photo above was taken from The Wildcat Sanctuary's Website.

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