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Sloan sworn in to Pine City Council; details of Hildebrand's resignation discussed

Mary Kay Sloan was sworn into the Pine City Council during a special meeting on Wednesday morning.

The council reached a consensus to appoint Sloan to the vacancy left by former council member Steve Ovick after conducting interviews last week.

Sloan previously served on the council from 2010 to 2022. Her term will go through 2024.

"Today is a good day," said Mayor Carl Pederson. "I mean, we've been through a little bit of time here, as it's not the first time we've had some rippled waters."

At Wednesday’s meeting, Pederson also detailed the circumstances leading to the resignation of former city administrator Scott Hildebrand effective Jan. 18.

According to Pederson, Hildebrand left a letter addressed to the council on his desk at city hall to decline a performance improvement plan and announce his immediate resignation.

The correspondence was dated Jan. 18.

Pederson also said Hildebrand implied to the mayor that he planned to resign on Jan. 24, and cleaned out his office on the same day.

"Scott Hildebrand has not entered city hall since Jan. 24, 2024, nor took any other actions apparent to the city council that could reasonably be construed as work for the city," Pederson said.

The council collectively received Hildebrand’s Jan. 18 correspondence for the first time on Wednesday.

Hildebrand has been hired for the same position in the city of Landfall Village, Minnesota. It was reported in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that he began his employment on Jan. 29.

Pederson added that Hildebrand submitted an email to the city at 9:15 on Jan. 31, asking for his formal resignation to be accepted.

Because he didn't give thirty-days notice of resignation, Hildebrand isn't entitled to termination benefits.

The Pine City Council will discuss next steps in hiring an interim city administrator at their Feb. 7 meeting.

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