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Teens Arrested with Handguns Missing Serial Numbers in Pine City

19-year-old James Brumbaugh is facing charges after he and another juvenile were allegedly arrested with firearms.

According to a criminal complaint, on Tuesday, September 5, Pine County Deputies were called to the 1st Ave in Pine City with the complaint of an unconscious male in the road.

Deputies rolled the 17-year-old over to find a loaded Glock 9mm without a serial number lying next to him. The teen also reportedly had a blue powder in his nostrils and had a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms in his backpack.

The complaint stated that while deputies were talking to the juvenile, James Brumbaugh was seen stumbling in the road. Brumbaugh allegedly told deputies that he and the juvenile were on their way to a relative's house.

Law enforcement searched Brumbaugh, citing his behavior and the handgun they found near the juvenile.

The complaint stated that during the pat down, he reached for a fanny pack he was wearing but was stopped by the deputy. A search of the fanny pack revealed a second loaded Glock 9mm with no serial number, and Brumbaugh did not have a permit to carry the gun.

Along with the gun, deputies found THC oil cartridges and a glass jar containing blue Alprazolam pills, which are similar to the powder in the teen's nose.

Brumbaugh has been charged with being in possession of a firearm with no serial number, possessing a pistol without a permit, and 5th-degree drug possession.

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