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Vietnam Memorial Ceremony in Freedom Park

The Braham VFW held the official dedication ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Freedom Park Monday morning after being delayed from November of last year.

The ceremony received an excellent turnout, with many veterans, friends, and families in attendance to honor the six men who gave their lives in combat in Vietnam.

The cloudless sky painted a beautiful backdrop as the monument was revealed, showcasing the six names etched into the stone tablet leading up to the soldier statue and memorial bricks.

President of the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 684 of Minnesota Rod Leick expressed his gratitude for all the support for the memorial.

"The members of our chapter wanted very much to see this memorial become a reality" spoke Leick during the ceremony, "Without the support of this community, this project could not have happened."

The nearly $20,000 memorial will also remember service members in the area that have served in a conflict or war with personalized bricks which will be added over time.

Any family or friends of fallen soldiers can contact the VFW to donate or purchase a memorial brick to be added to the monument.

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