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Walz Announces New Lifts on COVID Restrictions

Today, Gov. Tim Walz announced another round of loosening COVID-19 restrictions.

Bars and restaurants will be able to offer indoor dining at 75 percent indoor capacity at a 250 person max and bar seating increased to parties of four. Entertainment venues like movie theaters and museums will be able to operate at a 50 percent capacity, also with a 250 person max.

Gyms and other outdoor entertainment venues will also increase to a 50 percent cap, with a 10,000 person capacity for outdoor sporting events. Wedding ceremonies and religious service will no longer have occupancy limits but social distancing and masks are required.

Walz also announced that working from home will no longer be required when possible starting April 15th and employers should continue to accommodate employees who wish to still work from home.

The new order is set to take effect Monday, March 15th at noon.

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