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Westbrook Named Section and State Assistant Coach of the Year

Pine City Area Hockey Assistant Coach Brett Westbrook was named Section 5A assistant coach of the year. On top of that already exciting award, he also received the Minnesota State Assistant Coach of the Year for his work with the Dragon Hockey program.

The Section 5A award is voted on by coaches and the state award is selected by a committee. Brett Westbrook is in charge of a Dragon defense that boasted a 2.00 goals against average per game which is one of the best in the state.

Head Coach Grant Nicoll had this to say about Westbrook: "Brett has been on the staff for a few years now, and it shows that he was a former head coach. He knows all the extras that go into being a head coach, and is always willing to jump in and take some of those responsibilities. He has been in control of our defensive core for the past few years and molded those individuals into great hockey players. He is always the last one off the ice, giving high fives to all the players as they leave the ice after practice. Brett is a great coach and a great human being.

Congratulations Coach Westbrook!

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Photography

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