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Counterfeit Bills Still Popping up in Pine County - 6-16 News

Green Corps Coming to Pine City

Pine City has been chosen to be the site of a prestigious program.

The Minnesota Greencorps program consists of Americorps members working at a host site for 11 months.

During that time, the members help make the community a more environmentally friendly area through different efforts.

If you’re interested in joining, the program registration closes June 23rd.

The program itself begins Monday, September 18th.

Human Trafficking at Rest Stops

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is raising awareness to an ever-present issue.

MnDOT is posting human trafficking awareness messages at 41 rest areas across Minnesota to educate the public and encourage them to report suspicious activity.

According to the FBI, Minnesota has the third highest number of human trafficking cases in the nation.

Nearly 20 million travelers visit Minnesota Rest Areas per year, including those in Pine County.

Counterfeit Bills

A commonly occurring issue in Pine County continues to affect its citizens.

Counterfeit money in Pine County has been an important topic that Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson is committed to cracking down on.

Nelson mentioned that a major source of the fake bills is garage sales.

A photo of legitimate bills next to fake and other ways to differentiate them can be found here.

Traffic for Grandma’s Marathon this Weekend

This weekend will be a hectic one for travelers in East Central Minnesota.

The internationally famous Grandma’s Marathon is this Saturday, with events already beginning today.

The event attracts 50-60 thousand people to Duluth every year.

MnDOT has released a statement warning travelers that I35 will be heavily congested throughout the weekend.

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