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Notorious Pine County Criminal Convicted in First of Five Cases

A notorious Pine County criminal was recently convicted in the first of multiple cases against him.

The rap sheet against Pine City’s Steven Douglas Nelson is a lengthy one. In and out of jail, convicted of felonies, and scheduled to be on trial for more, one thing is certain: the writing is on the wall for one of Pine County’s most well-known criminals.

2016 Sunnyside Road Burglary

Pine County deputies were dispatched to a call of a burglary on Sunnyside Road in Pine City past sundown on December 21st, 2016. Just before officers arrived at the residence, Douglas pulled in ahead of them in a Chevy S10.

When questioned about his presence, Nelson told the two that he was part of the Pine County Drug Task Force and that "uniforms aren't informed of Task Force stuff." Unable to name the commander of the task force, he said he was from Kanabec County. When he whiffed on the Kanabec commander’s name, Nelson was detained.

Numerous attempts to provide reasons as to his being at the home failed and Nelson asked if he could cut a deal. Considering the ransacked house, he wasn't in a strong position to barter. Nelson then said he would perform oral sex on Deputy Pepin were he set free.

During the process of transferring Nelson between vehicles, he attempted to escape before falling in the snow 30 yards away. Afterwards, he was sent to the Pine County Detention Center.

Multiple items of interest were in Nelson’s possession, including a counterfeit deputy sheriff’s badge, police baton, and an employee badge stolen from the homeowners, yet he forgot an important item inside the home: his keys.

The Trial

On April 18th, 2018, Nelson was convicted on two felonies in relation to the burglary. In total, he was found guilty on second and third degree felony burglaries, bribery, and a misdemeanor for attempting to escape on foot.

Nelson’s time in court is far from over as he’s headed back for four more cases against him involving arson, animal cruelty, stealing the Pine County Chief Deputy's squad car, fleeing the courtroom during a trial, and more. Sentencing for his current convictions is set for June.

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