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Drug Dealer Arrested in Pine With 361 Grams of Meth Sentenced

A drug dealer from Red Wing arrested last summer in Pine County was sentenced late last week.

31-year-old Joe Lee Brown was handed 107 months in prison for felony 1st degree possession of meth. Brown was arrested on June 12, 2017 following a traffic stop. He was pulled over after his vehicle was seen driving erratically. During the stop, marijuana was smelled coming from the vehicle, as well as marijuana seeds inside the vehicle.

The deputy then searched the vehicle, finding a bag containing 361 grams of meth. In addition, the same compartment held 70 grams of marijuana was and 20 grams of marijuana.

Brown's stockpile of meth was worth an estimated $30,000 on the street. He also has five prior felony convictions, two of which were for selling drugs.

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