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Lucky Week: Medallion Finders Reunited With Lost Dog

For the second year in a row, ordinary isn't a word to describe our medallion hunt.

Last year, Garrett found our medallion accidentally and didn't claim it for days, and this year the medallion finders had one of the luckiest weeks in history.

Ashley and Carter Berglund discovered the medallion after just two somewhat mysterious clues. Despite searching nearby, the pair missed it their first time around.

"So day one we checked all the city parks and places you could do activities. We actually went to the walking trail but went in the wrong direction," said Ashley.

Determined as ever after the second clue was read, they tried again and struck gold.

"We went back this morning and walked north on the trail. Didn't see anything right away, I kept looking up in trees or on branches because you said not under rocks or in water," Ashley continued. "On the way back I saw those little pillars and knew they are used for some type of exercise so decided to look there and to our excitement there it was."

For most people, finding $500 is enough to make their day, week, month, or even year. For the Berglunds, it didn't stop there. Last Thursday night, their family golden retriever, Ruby, went missing from home. After six days of relentless searching, the outlook for her return was dire. But then, just a day before finding the medallion, Ruby was found and is back home.

With her miraculous return and the $500 medallion prize, we're forecasting a few steak dinners for Ruby.

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