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Burnett County Board Sends Chapter 30 Amendments Back to Land Use Committee

The Burnett County Board of Supervisors has returned the amended Chapter 30 of the Land Use Ordinance back to the Land Use Committee.

The board was supposed to vote on the amendments meant to handle zoning for large-scale livestock operations during their September 23 meeting, but its conflicts with land use amendments, citing ordinance amendments, and state citing law would weaken the county's ability to enforce it.

"It's not because we are not tough enough," Supervisor Craig Conroy told the board. "We have to get this straightened out. We would be vulnerable in court trying to enforce anything if the state wouldn't back us up."

Conroy said they had submitted the proposed amendments to the State of Wisconsin prior to the Land Use and Information Committee's public hearing on September 7. However, the state did not send its response back until after the hearing had passed and the committee had sent it to the board of a vote.

The motion to send it back to the committee was approved unanimously.

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