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Chisago County Fair Board Turns Down Second Offer to Purchase Fairgrounds in Rush City

The Chisago County Fair will stay in Rush City after the Chisago County Agricultural Society voted against selling the property.

The group was approached by Dennis Frandsen a second time to purchase the land the fair sits on for a price of $1 million. Frandsen previously made this offer in May of this year but was turned down.

During a phone call with WCMP, Fairboard Secretary Jen Penzenstadler said, "The land was never for sale." She also stated that it would cost more than a million dollars to move the buildings and rebuild the infrastructure in a new location.

In a press release, the fair board said, "[It is] their mission is to educate, entertain, and promote agriculture, the arts, horticulture, and other interests of the residents of Chisago County through the presentation of the Chisago County Fair. The fair has a long history of bringing generations of this county together and the members of the Ag Society, along with countless volunteers, will continue this historical tradition in Rush City."

The Chisago County Fair will be held on July 18-21, 2024.

Photograph taken from the Chisago County Facebook page.

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