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Dalbo Man Facing Additional Charges in Runaway Case

The 37-year-old Dalbo man involved in the case of a runaway Forest Lake teen is now facing additional charges.

Shawn Bellach was arrested in late July after the girl was located on a property north of Grasston on Highway 107, where she had been living in a tent.

The girl had been missing since May when she left home on a bike with $3000 cash. The criminal complaint stated that she had been texting with an unknown number that was later tied to Bellach, who was described as the ex-boyfriend of the missing girl's mom. That relationship was reported to have ended about a month before the girl went missing.

During the investigation, law enforcement learned that Bellach had searched the terms "shed," "room for rent," and "army tent" on his Facebook account. He also reportedly messaged a campground about the availability of a camper, where he said “[o]ne of his kids would be staying there full time with her cat while [he] worked multiple jobs [and he]

would only be there on the weekends.”

He also reportedly searched "how old was mary when she married joseph in the bible."

The complaint stated that records showed that the suspect had regularly deleted his search history on his Google account.

A search of the juvenile’s cell phone revealed videos of Bellach and her together in the tent. In a video, Bellach asks the teen what it’s like dating someone who is 20 years older than her.

Further messages from the teen involve her describing her feeling anxious and frustrated due to the heat and mosquitos from living in the tent. She also expresses anger towards the owner of the property she is staying on.

At one point, the girl states that she is experiencing pain that she believes is her appendix. Bellach reportedly responded, “[d]ont even say the word appendix, it is not your appendix. It can’t be your appendix. We cannot bring you to a hospital.”

Bellach is now facing three charges, including kidnapping and soliciting a child to engage in sexual conduct.

His next court appearance is scheduled for October 23.

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