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Hinckley Community Center Meeting Scheduled for Monday

The City of Hinckley will be holding an open house and meeting this coming Monday to discuss the future of the Hinckley Community Center.

According to the city, the space was built in 1993 when the Hinckley Lions and the Hinckley Legion/VFW combined to completely fund its construction. Up until recently, the Hinckley Finlayson School District was one of the major users of the community center, primarily for practices and sporting events; however, with the addition of new gyms, their need to use the space has been reduced.

The city has been holding discussions over the last month as to what to do with the space. Suggestions were solicited about a month ago. Some of those ideas included:

  • Creation of a daycare center

  • Remodel into a youth center (gymnastics, climbing walls, single basketball court, games)

  • Move the Hinckley library into part of the building

  • Convert it into a roller rink

  • Remodel for projected needs (smaller meeting room, small pickle-ball court)

  • Sell it to a private business

This community meeting will allow residents and the city to explore all the options, and the costs associated with them, that are available. ICS (the firm that designed the new school buildings) will also be on hand.

This community meeting will be held on Monday, April 25 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

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