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Man Facing Charges after Allegedly Exposing Himself to Teenagers in Hinckley

A 29-year-old Moose Lake man is facing charges after he allegedly exposed himself to two teenage girls.

According to the criminal complaint, Pine County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the West Side Park in Hinckley on July 23, with the report of a man wearing a white dress and pink thong, who was exposing his genitals to underage girls.

The teens reported that the suspect asked them if “they thought it was hot that [he] was wearing a pink thong” and whether it made him look like a “hoe.” The complaint went onto state that the suspect said he liked to wear a see-through dress so people could see his genitalia.

The victims told deputies that the suspect had walked up to them and sat at a bench on the pavilion. They reported that he began taking pictures of his genitals.

Authorities were able to identify the suspect as Christian Saxon through videos taken by the victims. He was later arrested on July 24. At the time of arrest, a baggie with a crystalline substance was found in his pocket, which law enforcement recognized as methamphetamine.

Saxon is facing misdemeanor indecent exposure in the presence of minors under 16 and misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.

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